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5 Properties Near Wellness Hotspots

By RESIDE Magazine


A massage on a white sand beach beneath a luminous afternoon sun. A yoga class overlooking a jungle on a misty morning, as the sun rises. A meditation session surrounded by warm, aromatic candles amid the silence of a moonlit mountain. The demand and desire for such restorative, rejuvenating retreats has reached an all-time high, and it is quickly driving the nearly trillion-dollar wellness tourism industry.

Yet the ideal luxury wellness sojourn would dispense with the hassle of travel altogether. Imagine the pleasure of residing just a short jaunt away from one of the world’s premier therapeutic destinations. With properties like these, that aspiration can be realized in the most awe-inspiring ways.


Japan’s Geothermal Hot Springs Are Perfect Bliss


The northernmost Japanese island of Hokkaido might be most famous for its hot springs, or onsen, but the whole archipelago is home to volcanos. That means there’s no shortage of the cleansing, mineral-enriched baths that occur in their vicinity, made soothing and steamy by the earth’s molten mantle. Hot springs abound around Japan’s most iconic volcano—Mount Fuji—located right in the middle of the main island of Honshu.

On the southern coast of Honshu, the seaside city of Shizuoka is known for boasting some of the best views of Mt. Fuji—and the proximity of breathtaking crags, plateaus, forests, and beaches are simply an added bonus. This home, with its tranquil setting and traditional architecture, affords access to all of it. The building may be situated on a serene hillside, but Atami Station is just a 10-minute walk away.


Costa Rica Conjures the Healing Power of Nature


Just as Costa Rica has taken great care of its resplendent rainforests and biodiversity, the country’s deluxe spas, seasonal retreats, and sustainable ecolodges take great care of their guests. Home to some of Central America’s most covetable and comprehensive wellness experiences, patrons at Costa Rica’s top-tier facilities frequently enjoy relaxing treatments, ultramodern therapies, and mindful movement classes in the presence of some of the planet’s most pristine natural environments.

With this one-of-a-kind property nestled in the Saimiri Wildlife Refuge near Corcovado National Park, it’s possible to create a world-class retreat that’s entirely personal. The 224-acre parcel already plays host to seven private bungalows and seven tented platforms, making for a picturesque glamping getaway. And besides that, there’s the main building—tropical terraces surrounding a scenic sanctuary with enough room for its own restaurant and bar.


Arizona Furnishes a Pure, Elemental Experience


Between the dazzling sun and the parched earth, the desert air and the crystal water, Arizona is an intense conflux of natural forces—which is why it’s such an epicenter for health-centric tourism. Bejeweled with its own geothermal springs, it also offers epic, monumental landscapes: stunning stone monoliths that tower, cathedral-like, over wide gullies, and plains grown over with saguaro cactuses. It’s no wonder his place has become a wellness pilgrimage, especially considering the recreational activities on offer, from hiking and horseback riding to paddleboarding and golf.

Several golf courses can be seen from the patio of this gorgeous contemporary estate poised on the slopes of Lone Mountain. Like its namesake location, it’s nicely secluded, having been built in the middle of two large lots—yet it’s actually part of a private community, complete with proprietary guards and secure, triple-gated access.


India Is Home to the Original Wellness Innovators


Many of the most popular wellness practices can be traced back to Ayurveda, the ancient system of healing and medicine that has been honed in India for more than three millennia. It’s to be expected that wellness aficionados would be drawn magnetically to this birthplace of naturalistic therapies, and the opulent, prosperous state of Goa has proven to be a top-rated site. Ayurvedic centers and yoga retreats have become a hallmark of its sultry jungles, breathtaking beaches, and vibrant, bohemian villages.

This artistic vibe defines Assagao, where this impressive villa sits adjacent to palms and paddy fields. An intriguing perk of this five-bedroom property is its garden. Not only are its patio and pool an idyllic setting for lounging in the tropical sunshine, but the surrounding vegetation has been carefully curated so that aromatic plants and flowers are perpetually in bloom.


Turks and Caicos Offers a Spa Life Like No Other


Swathed in the bright blue of the Caribbean Sea, the tropical archipelago of Turks and Caicos is a wellness hub that has elevated relaxation to an art form. Providenciales, or “Provo” as it’s affectionately nicknamed, is the most populous island in the chain, beloved by visitors for its luxurious hotels, spectacular beachfront condos, and views of migrating humpback whales and other marine marvels that traverse its turquoise waters.

Here, it’s possible to do more than just visit a renowned resort—you can live at one year-round. The auspicious Shore Club opened in 2018 with 38 exceptional condos spread throughout two low-rise buildings, along with six detached villas that serve as its pièce de résistance. To own one of these panoramic villas is a rare privilege, as it not only includes private seaside gardens and 5,600 square feet of exquisitely designed living space, but also grants access to the six-star service and amenities exclusive to the resort’s guests.

Wellness is a lifestyle that should be continuously embraced and indulged, and acquiring a permanent address near an internationally acclaimed wellness hotspot is the ultimate expression of living the good life.

It’s not just favorable locations that can boost well-being. Learn how to live a healthier life by incorporating biohacking amenities into your home.

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