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Between ancient and modern; this is living is west San Jose

Welcome to the fusion of two ages

All the way back to the creation of the cantons, which names project our ancestors culture, to the streets and avenues with Anglicism’s that show how modern their population is, west San Jose is one of the most requested areas to live a fulfilling life in our beautiful Costa Rica.

Can you imagine waking up every single day in a house where the weather is warm, already making it feel like home, and the sun is beaming almost throughout the entire year? A place that, being located in the middle of the capital, manages to conserve our pure invigorating nature.

Throughout the years, west San Jose went from being recognized for the broad green grass, filled with cattle and trees, to becoming lands quoted by all kinds of industries, including residential and hotels.

But you may wonder, what makes this place different from the rest?

We can assure you that all its characteristics are considerable, beginning with its closeness to exuberant pacific beaches. Also, the airport is just a couple minutes away, not to mention the delicious gastronomic offers nearby, as well as shopping malls, entertainment centers and national parks that you can visit anytime you want, making this area so attractive.

One of the characteristics that stands out the most is the incomparable combination of two residential styles that you can pick from, depending on your taste and comfort: One being a traditional colonial version, and on the other hand, a more modern futuristic design.

Casa Zula, is our translation of a colonial style. This villa settles over a natural sophisticated area. It includes a gym, pool, two offices, a library, playgrounds, and gardens, which all together offer an enjoyable experience, more so than just a service.

Contrary to the previous style, Escazú Mountain Retreat  is a place, as it is said in its name, to disconnect from your everyday routine and reconnect with nature in a modern environment.

This small natural retreat, located in the San Antonio, Escazú mountains, offers as principal attribute an impressive Central Valley view that will amaze you during the day, and captivate you at night.

This home has a very attractive design because it was built on several land levels, allowing there to be some sort of dynamism. As a plus, it includes large windows, tropical flourished gardens and impressive small wind turbines that provide electricity for the entire house.

Both places have incredible locations that will guarantee immediate access to hospitals, shopping malls, and other spots of interest for the inhabitants of the area, as well as keeping each person’s individuality.

If you’re interested in more information on these properties, please contact our representatives at the Costa Rica Sotheby’s International Realty and we will be happy to provide every detail..

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