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Crafting a Win-Win Deal for your new home

Even if it is your first home purchase, or one of many, it’s always exciting to go house hunting, especially when you are looking for a home on a tropical beach in beautiful Costa Rica! It is important to do your homework so that the process is streamlined and to entrust an experienced real estate agent to accompany you through this sometimes intimidating process.  This is about crafting a win-win deal for your new home at The Walk!

One of the many services an expert real estate agent offers is acting as a buffer in negotiations for all parties during the entire transaction.  So, apart from understanding the current market conditions, they also assist with contracts and to help you gain clarity regarding the real estate values when making an offer for a purchase.

The “Must Haves” and the “Like to Haves”

The first step in this exciting process is to set your goals.  Not only, do you make those “must haves” and “like to haves” lists, it also involves examining your finances and projections.   This includes pre-approvals with a lender, if necessary, that will give you more leverage when it comes to putting in an offer for your new home.

After securing your real estate agent, it is time to start looking for your wonderful new home.  Finding THE ONE, whether you are a seasoned home owner, a first time home buyer, looking for an investment property or that perfect vacation getaway, can be overwhelming so take your time and trust your agent.

One of the many benefits of using a real estate agent is that they know what is going on in the market you have decided to purchase in.  They are in the know about listed homes and many times, even the unlisted ones. So, when a new opportunity arises, they will know about it and any pre-sale perks that it might have!

Pick a Starting Price

So, you have found your dream home but the price is above your budget? What do you do? Negotiating can be emotional and sometimes is highly charged process so enlist some expert help!

With the guidance of real estate agent who knows your needs, the local market and the right strategy, this expertise goes hand in hand with some savvy negotiation skills to secure your new home. Remember that the buying agent doesn’t cost you a cent!

This is where you craft the perfect offer!  Even if your starting price is below the asking price of the home you love, it is important you make the offer anyway.  Believe it or not, this is how many negotiation processes begin and with your real estate agent by your side, you have started off on the right foot!

Savvy Negotiations! 

Negotiating a win-win deal can be a process and invariably include the counter-offers, deadlines for responding and meeting conditions, writing up offers, defining deposits and the finer details of this emotional process. This is how your real estate agent becomes your ultimate ally as this is their job and part of their expertise is having very savvy negotiating skills.

While sealing the deal can be a bit of a roller coaster sometimes, there are a few negotiating strategies that could work to your advantage. This is where some creative thinking comes in handy!

It is always good to provide an attractive deposit in the offer and your pre-approved financial letter to demonstrate that you are a serious buyer and that you really would love to make this home THE ONE.

Win-Win Creative Strategies!

If there is one aspect that both the buyer and the seller are more than likely looking for is that the process be as “short and sweet” as possible.  To sell a property in a shorter time period, could significantly influence the final deal on THE ONE.  So if you are in the capacity to guarantee a shorter purchase process and closing date, this could be very attractive to a buyer.

Owners that are motivated to closing a deal taking the fast lane could work to your favor if you are coming in at a lower offer than the asking price. As, we don’t always know the buyer’s motivations, this creative strategy could end up being a win-win for both parties.

So, come and start living the “Pura Vida” lifestyle in one of our residences, get more information!

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Costa Rica’s pristine beaches, beautiful nature and thriving local economy have driven many people to call Costa Rica their second home. The country has thrived in recent years and owning a home in Costa Rica is an affordable luxury. More than 20,000 U.S. expatriates already live in Costa Rica. The wide range of scenic landscapes and microclimates make Costa Rica a dream for people looking for a vacation home. Covering 51,000 scenic square kilometers, Costa Rica is a safe place to call home. There is a low incidence of violent crime. Outside the capital city thereisn’t much crime of any kind. It is a country with amazing people, a high standard of living, and an exciting blend of local and foreign cultures.