San Jose East

San Jose East

In the east of San Jose you will find the neighborhoods of Barrio Dent, Barrio Escalante, Los Yoses, San Pedro, Moravia and Curridabat. An area that has shifted its image to an urbanism contemporary style, with modern vertical housing projects.

The development of commercial and gastronomic centers such as Multiplaza del Este, Momentum Pinares, Plaza Antares, Plaza Carolina and Lincoln Plaza, have invigorated the area on a large scale along with historic places like Barrio Escalante, which houses dozens of restaurants with a vast gastronomic offer.

Along with the commercial offer and the development of housing projects, there is a great offer of private schools and the most important universities of the country.

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Costa Rica’s pristine beaches, beautiful nature and thriving local economy have driven many people to call Costa Rica their second home. The country has thrived in recent years and owning a home in Costa Rica is an affordable luxury. More than 20,000 U.S. expatriates already live in Costa Rica. The wide range of scenic landscapes and microclimates make Costa Rica a dream for people looking for a vacation home. Covering 51,000 scenic square kilometers, Costa Rica is a safe place to call home. There is a low incidence of violent crime. Outside the capital city thereisn’t much crime of any kind. It is a country with amazing people, a high standard of living, and an exciting blend of local and foreign cultures.