Jaco Walk Residences


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Jaco Walk Residences

Exciting Beach Lifestyle

Jaco Walk Residences is a one of a kind condominium of residential and commercial type in Jaco at the Central Pacific of Costa Rica.

This 10th-story tower will have 72 apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, between the 2nd and 10th floor. This new, modern urban space by the sea, will boast five integrated buildings in the shape of a horseshoe that envelope a central patio with public access to shopping and dining on the ground floor.

Jaco Walk Residences offers prime oceanfront living in a contemporary, beach-inspired design that takes comfort and relaxation to a new level. Beachfront located and with amazing views, it is an excellent opportunity for personal enjoyment or investment.




In beautiful Costa Rica, if there is one place that conjures up emotions, memories, vacations, and smiles, it is the thriving, beachside town of Jaco.

Jaco is a popular destination for locals and guests alike that has metamorphosed from a traditional, surf, seaside town into a vibrant, trendy international destination that impresses!

Located just under two hours from the Central Valley and the International Airport along the convenient highway that leads you down the tree-covered mountains onto the rainforest laden coastal lowlands.

For the high-energy adventurers, Jaco will not ever disappoint them. Costa Rica is a must on the list of top adventure destinations in the world according to the best tourism experts and we absolutely agree!

The town of Jaco is a boardwalk of sorts as the main road runs parallel to its well-loved beach and is full of little open-air shops, bars, cafes and restaurants where seafood lovers will delight themselves in fresh catches of the day, all day, every day.

Whether you like to go out partying and do some dancing or check out the live band circuit, music is part of the Jaco culture and you will love it!


Focused on enhancing your living experience, Jaco Walk Residences includes amazing high-end amenities. Take a relaxing swim at the infinity pool or an even more relaxing massage at the spa, a perfect detox in the sauna and unwind after a day of adventure under the sun.

The exclusive condo restaurant for its residents will also be an outstanding feature to delight in.


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