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Mountain Boutique Hotel- Family Home or Retreat

12 Bedrooms
259.46 AC - Exterior


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ABOUT : Mountain Boutique Hotel- Family Home or Retreat

This amazing property includes:

- Farmland (77ha), with operational dairy facilities

- Cloudforest (28ha) with over 4km of hiking trails, natural springs, rich flora, fauna as well as wildlife corridors within the farm linking Poas Volcano National Park to Barva Volcano National Park

- Boutique Hotel (12 Bedrooms) with a strong sustainability ethos and eco accreditations


A unique and stunning property operating as a boutique 12 bedroom hotel and hosting both international and national guests for the last 30 years. Prior to that a private residential home to the owners and designed by top Costa Rican architects with inspiration from the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Beautifully positioned in the heart of the farm and with a stunning aspect towards the majestic Poas Volcano, this really is an awe-inspiring and unique property, both as a commercial venture or as a private home.

The Hotel business employs 22 staff from the local area, and offers guests an exclusive home-from-home feeling centered around excellent service and high quality rooms and hospitality. The lodge is surrounded by rich pastureland, of which 28 hectares is unspoiled virgin cloud forest, with hiking trails and an outstanding wealth of flora and fauna adding amenity value, biodiversity and carbon capture.

As a business the Hotel works with all the top inward travel agents both nationally and internationally and is considered a strategic destination for many wholesalers designing holiday routes for their client base.

The hotel has a strong and established online platform too, boasting top rated reviews in sites such as Tripadvisor and Booking .com


The dairy farm consists of 77 ha of farmland and buildings, fully equipped, with 178 paddocks for rotation. Pasture grows all year round, and is mostly kikuyu with some ryegrasses. The farm has 7 farm cottages including a manager´s house, a 12 bay Hosier style milking area, large barn for young stock, maternity wing, feeding barn and various store rooms. The farm employs 9 full time staff as well as an administrator, accountant and milking herd consultant.

Dairy Herd: The current dairy herd which includes heifers and calves add up to 310 head of cattle with the herd split between 55% Holstein-Friesian and the remainder Jerseys and Ayrshires - plus a purebred Ayrshire bull, brought in as an embryo transplant from New Zealand. Sales of surplus stock can generate a useful second income. Reproduction is mainly through artificial insemination. A vet visits the farm monthly to check on herd health, individual fertility and general condition. Vaccinations etc are carried out according to an annual program. All animals are monitored with an industry recognized program for logging the herd and organizing the breeding structure.

Current Milk Production: Around 2,400 liters of milk per day, with a current stock of 120 cows in production out of a 300 strong herd. The milk is sold under contract to a large company. Collection is almost daily.

Water Sources: The farm has many springs on the property and has recently developed a pumping system to bring non-potable water to the dairy for cleaning, and potable water is supplied by the village water management company (ASADA) of excellent quality, for the farm cottages and milking area.

Communications: Telephones, electricity, broadband, are all available in the area. Driving time to San Jose is about one hour.

Relations with the Community: There is an excellent relationship with the local community, from which many inhabitants have found employment in the farm and hotel, presently and in the past.


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  • Heredia
  • Heredia
  • Heredia, Costa Rica

Property ID: 9NZ4WK


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