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2500 Acre Conservation Land With Precious Woods

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ABOUT : 2500 Acre Conservation Land With Precious Woods

Incredible property, conservationists welcome.

This private preserve of almost 2´500 acres (1´000ha) borders La Amistad International Peace Park, the largest natural reserve in Central America which includes a substantial part of Costa Rica´s landmass and goes far into Panama as well, estimated to house up to 70% of all species found in Costa Rica! It also borders another private natural reserve of over 3´000 acres, making it part of an incredible contribution to nature and very unique part of Costa Rica and even the world.

It is estimated that this preserve absorbs nine thousand tons of C02 per year, making it an enormous value added to nature, but also an interesting conservationist investment for carbon offsetting/carbon credits.

Located in the province of Limón of Costa Rica, this forest is located between the Atlantic lowlands, starting at 1´000ft of elevation, and climbs up the lower part of the mountains that separate Limón from the rest of the country, to a highest elevation of 1´600ft+.

Historically, only a small part (under 20%) was selectively harvested, and an even smaller part (estimated under 3%) was actually harvested for pasture land before the mid 1980´s, having been allowed to reforest ever since, making it virtually entirely virgin primary tropical rainforest.

While permits could be obtained for logging selectively and with rigorous government oversight, this property´s owners are looking for a conservationist investor who will carry on with the noble mission of contributing to the environment. It currently receives forest protection plan funding from the government in return for the non-logging of the property, which can be continued under the new owner.

We welcome all buyers who want to contribute to conservation, noting that the property receives government funding for its preservation, and moreover motivate investors who can receive tax credits, offset carbon from their travels, etc.



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  • Asunción
  • Limón
  • Limón, Costa Rica

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