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Hacienda La Alegria

79.26 AC - Exterior


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ABOUT : Hacienda La Alegria

Hacienda La Alegría it’s a beautiful and versatile property that offers both agricultural and livestock production opportunities. Its location in an area with fertile soil, a cool climate, and a vigorous stream of water flowing year-round makes it an ideal place for farming.

With a total of 79.257 acres. The property's live fence and 16 paddocks make it suitable for livestock rearing, this Hacienda has a small house for the administrator and a corral with a sleeve for cattle, making it ideal for livestock activity and agricultural production.

The abundance of trees, including the iconic Guanacaste, attracts a variety of animal species such as monkeys, rabbits, mountain goats, raccoons, tapirs, squirrels, wild pigs, and bats, plus up to 333 species of birds that have been identified, making it an ideal location for wildlife enthusiasts.

The proximity to the Braulio Carrillo National Park and the abundance of fauna in the surrounding areas offer opportunities for eco-tourism, making it a perfect place for people looking to escape the noise of the city and enjoy a serene natural environment with deep canyons, dense vegetation, and abundant rivers near La Alegría, you will find countless waterfalls.

Overall, Hacienda La Alegría is an excellent investment opportunity for those interested in agriculture, livestock farming, or eco-tourism. It offers a green, exuberant, and natural canvas to create a new life project.

It will be a pleasure to provide everything necessary for you to make this Hacienda La Alegría your new life project painted on a totally green, exuberant, and natural canvas.


Costa Rica Sotheby's International Realty
  • La Alegría
  • Siquirres
  • Limón, Costa Rica

Property ID: 3YP6YV



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