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Hidden Nature Paradise in Suerre Guapiles

3 Bedrooms
3 Full Bathrooms
4,036 Square Feet - Interior
40.77 AC - Exterior


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ABOUT : Hidden Nature Paradise in Suerre Guapiles

This stunning untouched property is a true natural paradise surrounded by two majestic rivers that flow around it, nourishing two beautiful serene lakes within. The constant flow of the rivers ensures the freshness and purity of the lake water, creating an idyllic environment for swimming or simply relaxing by the shore and contemplating the beauty of nature.
In addition to the rivers and lakes, the property features three ponds specially designed to house a variety of aquatic animals. These ponds provide guests with the opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural habitat, from birds to ducks and other aquatic species, offering a close connection with the local fauna.

And that's not all: this property also boasts a picturesque mountain that offers the possibility of setting up glamping-style tents. With breathtaking panoramic views, visitors can enjoy the comfort of the tents while immersing themselves in the surrounding natural beauty. Camping on this mountain will be a unique experience, allowing guests to connect with nature and enjoy the tranquility of starry nights.
In addition to these natural elements, the property features a charming two-bedroom house on the first floor. The spacious rooms can accommodate multiple beds, offering restful sleep in the midst of nature. The house also includes a surrounding corridor, a cozy living-dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and two indoor bathrooms, as well as two additional outdoor bathrooms for the guests' convenience.

In summary, this untouched property offers a complete experience of connecting with nature. With two rivers, two lakes, animal ponds, a mountain for glamping-style camping, and a well-equipped house, this place is perfect for establishing a boutique hotel or a personal retreat space. Visitors can enjoy water activities, observe wildlife, camp in style, and relax amidst the surrounding natural beauty.


Costa Rica Sotheby's International Realty
  • Suerre
  • Pococi
  • Limón, Costa Rica

Property ID: 39KKZM


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