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La Guaria Ranch in Monteverde

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ABOUT : La Guaria Ranch in Monteverde

Amazing place! 

Stunning 480 ha (almost 1,200 acres) ranch in the mountains near Monteverde. Roughly half of it is a working cattle ranch on open pastures, the other half is tropical forests and biological corridors.

While La Guaria Ranch is only 3.5 miles from Monteverde, it sits in a moderate, comfortable climate, even though the area is frequently rainy and cloudy. This allows the ranch to be a perfect place to host guests who want to explore Monteverde, one of the country's major eco-tourist attractions. La Guaria has a fantastic variety of topography, vegetation, and climate.

With unbelievable views, both of the surrounding mountains and even of the Gulf of Nicoya, you can witness the sunsets and its reflection of red and yellow colors on the water.

The property includes thirty year-round springs, as well as a river and creek frontage. It lies in the Bellbird Biological Corridor, and connects two river valleys, making it possible for animals to travel. 

Monteverde’s cloud forest reserves, adventure parks, research institutes, schools, restaurants and boutique hotels have rendered the area one of the biggest eco-tourist destinations in the country. This ranch offers multiple possibilities: elaborating on the existing private ranch with an amazing home, creating a residential, developing a tourism-oriented hotel, or focusing on the natural reserve– with 480 ha in this unmatched location, the opportunities are limitless. 

Moreover, the gravel road has just been replaced by a quality paved road, providing easy access to Monteverde and the area. 

There is a 15 acre section in the property that can be separated from the rest: with the government’s help, contractors developed five large terraces on high points of the property, making them ideal locations for a potential hotel or restaurant with truly impressive views.

There are existing master plans for the property with two levels of density available for review for potential investors.

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  • La Guaria
  • Monteverde
  • Puntarenas, Costa Rica

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