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Interior Design Trends of 2023

A new year brings with it new challenges, new dreams, new desires and new trends. Start 2023 knowing all the new ways to decorate the spaces in your house, so that they are corners full of art, personality and represent you in the best way. Discover interior decoration trends in this blog.

Curves take over your home

In 2023 we bring a fresher and more organic trend that gives us a feeling of peace and tranquility with the curves and arches, leaving behind the straight and rigid lines. With curves we can open spaces and make them feel bigger, freer and more comfortable.

You can join this trend regardless of whether or not there are curves in your house in the architectural part, how? using decorative pieces that have shapes. From lamps, decorations, sculptures, coffee and night tables and mirrors.

If you want to make bigger changes, you can join the trend with sofas that have circular shapes, tables, closets, even remodeling the square entrances and giving them that touch of opening with curves.

Use of texture and color

One of the trends that experts say will be present in 2023 is the mixture of textures in spaces. Using different types of materials will give personality to your spaces.

Colors and textures are the perfect tool to add depth to your space. These can be applied to walls, furniture and decoration, be it armchairs, cushions, curtains, sheets, upholstery or carpets. To create this style, you can combine shades or use the same one with different textures.

Wooden tones are present

In recent years we have tried to incorporate more and more details of nature into our home. In years like 2020 and 2021 we could see an increase in the presence of large plants in spaces such as the living room and bedrooms.

In 2023 the trend moves to furniture, with the predominance of wood tones in tables, chairs, nightstands, desks and decoration in these tones and materials. The organic and natural feel that will complement your curves and make you feel modern and connected to nature.

It’s your home

Finally, we want to remind you that you are decorating your home, your place of comfort and happiness. It’s time to make him feel that way. Take advantage of maximalism and decorate to your liking with the pieces that represent you.

Show your personality through your home with your favorite art mixing eras, textures, plants and explore the colors that you like the most so that every corner of your home feels like a part of you.

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