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Spaces Into Art Interior design trends for 2022

These last two years have taught us the importance of decorating our spaces in a way that generates emotions of peace and tranquility. Today there are many options for buying quality
furniture and decorations for sale, but knowing what is trending is the key to turning areas of your home into artistic spaces.

Because of this, we will show you the latest interior design trends for 2022, in order to guide you to turn spaces into art.

Natural elements

Decorative plants have persisted over time, but in the last two years it has been amplified in each of our homes. Technology (computers, televisions, appliances, etc.) has invaded our
homes, and organic elements are the perfect contrast to achieve a balance between the electronic and the natural.

Plants give us a unique connection with the outside, in an aesthetic and modern way. Meanwhile, organic materials such as wood, rattan and cotton have gained relevance to complement the narrative of our spaces.

Luxury is lived naturally!

Green takes center stage

Social spaces should generate feelings of calm and harmony. Paint your walls green, with shades of olive or emerald to create a natural and peaceful atmosphere. You can even layer shades of turquoise or teal to add a tropical touch.

These tones are complemented by plants, organic materials and even metals like brass that give new life to your furniture. The vibrant tones will transport you to an oasis of calm that will
contrast with our reality steeped in technology.

Curves and circles

The idea is to generate contrasts with the corners and right angles of our home. For this we will complete our spaces with curved furniture and round decorations such as tables, mirrors and
lamps to give a little more movement to the narrative in our spaces.

It generates dynamism and energy, the curves generate that connection between the rigid and the soft and aesthetic. This combination turns any space into a masterpiece.

Black details

This 2022 has seen a clear trend towards organic spaces, however, any space can have black elements to complete the image and generate a complete color palette.

There is a lot of quality furniture for sale that helps us to give that detail that closes the spaces in an elegant way. Experiment with the shades you have available to create an atmosphere that transports you.

These are the trends that we have seen resurface this 2022. If you want to learn more about what you can do with your spaces, we recommend contacting an interior designer to help you
turn your home into a work of art.

You can also take advantage of online interior design courses to learn more about how to apply these trends in your own home.

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