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Steps to buying a house as a couple; the new concept of marriage

We live in an age where the kind of romanticism of the old days has changed. The "millenials", or so called "Generation Y", have been showing an upward trend of "I do not accept". Although we could mention several reasons as to why young people reject the idea of marriage, the one that stands out the most is the current socioeconomic parameters that have been shaping the ways couples commit and invest.

While this does not mean couples do not design long-term plans with their partners, many around the world are living together without getting married, even raising children in some cases.

Buying a house with your partner may be the equivalent of getting down on one kneee and giving their special someone an engagement ring, so it is not a decision to be taken lightly.

For this reason, below we list 4 factors to take into account before finding the best home for both of you and investing your money:

1- A solid and stable relationship

Before thinking of buying a house, we must analyze how stable the current relationship with our partner is. Acquiring a property should not be seen as another factor in the relationship, but rather as a long-term investment. It is important the couple has clear goals in common. If they only see the relationship ss something temporary, buying a house may be a bad idea. On the contrary, if the dream of both is to create a life together, buying a property may be the best investment for their plans.

2- Hire a trusted real estate agent

Finding a trusted real estate agent is paramount to ensure that the process and decision-making is the most assertive.

Finding a prestigious real estate company and agent with whom you both feel comfortable is of utmost importance. The best way to do so is to work as a team with your partner, jointly determine your wants and needs, and share them with your agent: location, number of bedrooms, type of home, among other characteristics.

Costa Rica Sotheby’s International Realty has a team of experts ready to help you through this process.

3- Economic stability

The couple must be certain of their financial stability, taking into account the income of both. The installments for this type of resources are unavoidable and in reality, the consequences of falling behind a month are not so strict. However, the delay may affect your credit history, affecting other financing in the future. So, when the couple is sure of their financial stability, they can safely decide whether to purchase a home or not.

Experts recommend that the mortgage credit (if acquired) not be more than 30% of the combined income. This is to avoid the debt to become something impossible to pay, rather than just a challenge.

4- Size and location

When it comes to buying a house, it will always be important to think about the future. Although a house that is smaller in size may feel more welcoming and cozy at first, if the idea eventually is to start a family, the best thing to do is acquire a property large enough for the needs that may come. Whether this means adding more bedrooms or a charming playroom for children, having the space to do so is of utmost importance.

One must also think about the location of the property to avoid any regrets in the future. Take into consideration its proximity to your workplace and daily activities, the number of parks and/or green areas in the surroundings, the amount of traffic, services available (education, health, culture, leisure entertainment, etc), access roads, transportation, road and infrastructure projects within the municipal planning of the city, valuation of the property, among others.

So, is it a good idea or not?

Experts agree that the decision between buying and building a home does not have many variations. What does change is the ability to carry out the project in the most optimal way. You must be very meticulous when making a decision like this one, requesting studies of the terrain, quality of contruction, and investigating whether the people in charge of developing the project have done a good job or have responded responsibly.

Never just trust. Investigate, consult. Your home could be the biggest investment of your life.

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