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The best homes in Costa Rica’s metropolitan area | Work from Paradise Ep.2

Last year, an enormous shift occurred in the business industry. While the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, many of us were forced to work from home.

Now, working remotely has become part of many of our everyday lives. However, every change is an opportunity, and if we adopted wok from home, why not work from paradise?

In this blog we take a quick look at the best homes, safe houses and exclusive apartments in the Central Valley that will turn every remote work day into a luxury experience.

We built this city… On luxury

San José, the capital city of Costa Rica, manages to combine the most beautiful scenery with vibrant venues and a never-ending array of activities to do. With coffee shops and beautiful green parks around every corner, it is no wonder why so many people choose this city to work from home.

For this episode of Work from Paradise we chose to show the most beautiful housing options for you to live comfortably and still be close to everything you need. These homes range from luxurious towers, perfect for single people and couples, to majestic houses built for the whole family.

Plaza Loft, Avenida Escazú

This spectacular apartment located in the heart of the cosmopolitan Avenida Escazú has a unique social approach. Easily accessible from all the highways that go to Costa Rica’s greatest attractions, Escazú is just a 15-minute drive from downtown San José.

The kitchen is very comfortable, furniture with granite countertops and a large breakfast area. The space is masterfully complemented by the double height living room and dining room.

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Furnished Mountain View Apartment

This next property is located in the exclusive Bosques de Escazú. The condominium features an “eco-urbanism” concept, which creates unique spaces that harmonize with the surrounding nature.

This move-in ready apartment has two rooms, and two balconies with beautiful views of the nearby city. This is the perfect space for anyone who enjoys disconnecting from work, enjoying nature while still minutes away from downtown.

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Smart and Classy, San Antonio de Escazú

When it comes to modern living, this property comes at its peak. This unique house, in addition to being beautiful, is smart and environmentally friendly. It features solar panels to supply energy to an electric generator, which in turn guarantees water and electricity.

The alarms, cameras, AC, lights, gates, programmable electrical outlets and the pool are controlled via fiber optics. This is the way the “new normal” meets the future of living.

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Casa Palomas, Escazú

There are close to no views that can compete with the scenery at Casa Palomas, located in Alto de las Palomas, Escazú. This extraordinary house was designed with family and social interactions in mind.

There is a space for everyone in this 6-bedroom house. The main bedroom and two secondary bedrooms have a personal balcony. You can enjoy spectacular views from all the rooms in this house. The residential community has a beautiful pool, a playground and a clubhouse as well.

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Townhome Escazú

This 3-bedroom home is located at walking distance from every service you will need. Its beautiful design and details provide bright and spacious areas where every afternoon feels special.

This house is located within a private condo. The surrounding nature provides privacy and peace to disconnect yourself from work and enjoy one of the best places to live in San Rafael, Escazú.

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Spectacular Central Valley Views Penthouse

Working from home can sometimes be daunting, this is why this unique penthouse in Jaboncillos, Escazú turns your own home into the perfect escape from those extra hours.

This spectacular penthouse with amazing views of the Central Valley is located less than ten minutes away from the finest shopping centers and restaurants, like Avenida Escazú, Distrito 4, Multiplaza Escazú and more. The home is surrounded by nature, fresh air, and stunning views. This apartment has plenty to offer for anyone who wants to live maximum luxury while working
from home.

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City View Portofino

For those who want a change of pace, while still living conveniently within the city, there is City View Portofino. Currently offering a fully furnished apartment, this tower is the perfect home to spend busy mornings and then having a coffee while enjoying the extraordinary view of the Central Valley.

The building includes an elegant lobby with a private lift that provides direct access to the property. One of the main attractions of this elegant property is the living room and social areas that offer spectacular city views.

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Escazú Mountain Retreat

One of the most beautiful aspects of San José is its combination of city life with majestic nature. It all comes together in this spellbinding mountain paradise near the charming town of San Antonio de Escazú.

The multi-layered composition of sturdy reinforced concrete, wood, and glass gives privacy while showcasing the expansive San Jose valley, and breathtaking mountain views from every room. A small, high-tech windmill generates electricity for the home even at low wind speeds.

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Magic Executive Apartment in Sabana

This high-end living apartment is located in Metropolitan Tower, a unique complex that features exclusive amenities right in the heart of the city. Metropolitan Tower was designed with comfort and elegance in mind, the comfort and lifestyle of its inhabitants gives it an advantage that is difficult to find in this area.

Enjoy a productive day in the co-working space that the tower features, and later on wash all that stress away by swimming in the private pool.

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Signature Masterpiece Apartment

Our last stop is in this modern apartment building located in a high value area, close to main roads, hospitals, shopping centers, service stations, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

The apartment, in addition to having been designed by Jaime Rouillón, has selected works from his collection that are part of the final work. Similarly, the kitchenware and furniture were personally chosen by the architect in order for these elements to tune the design of the apartment. This home is not only the perfect working space, but also a huge source of inspiration.

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This wraps up our tour through the best homes to work in while enjoying the convenience and city life of San José. If you want to truly disconnect from those business hours and enjoy the best of the country’s capital, one of these homes is meant to be yours.

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