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Top 2019 design and interior decorating trends

Sometimes it´s not necessary to travel in order to get to know other countries. By just taking a walk through a finely decorated property you can enter into the most exotic cultures with no airplanes in between.

In a predominantly white living room with big natural light entrances you can almost feel Nordic cold climate. Or maybe a terrace with whitewashing walls and wooden beams can take you to the warm Mediterranean beaches.

Limits are traced only in human imagination and the knowledge we gather about the latest design and interior decorating trends.

To help you in the decision of selling or buying a property, we bring you today a complete review of 2019 most fashion styles for inhabitable spaces.

From those that enhance the beauty of imperfection to others with more minimalist features, this year comes full of colors, textures, and finishes that can move you to really spectacular corners on Earth.

Norway, New York, Japan…

The characteristic white tones and warm textiles of the Nordic or Scandinavian style –that emerged during the 50s- are once again standing out -despite in this 2019 comes with a less bucolic air, more minimalist and functional.

The industrial movement born by the same decade but in New York, it is also in the spotlight, with its second-hand vintage furniture, bare windows, pipes and metal conduits.

Directly from Japan, arrives the Wabi Sabi style, taking advantage of all the old and imperfect things, and the Japandi, which combines minimalism with the Japanese and Nordic functional decoration.

In addition, we could mention the Mediterranean architectural elements – use of stone, tiles, arches, and vaults – or African decoration inspired in earth colors, animal prints, and ebony furniture; both very popular too when deciding to acquire a property.

However, in order to make shorter the trip, we are going to make a strategic stop in one of the favorite destination for many of the latest design and interior decorating trends: forests and mountains.

This 2019 has good news for nature lovers. Wooden furniture, flowered tapestries and lots of vegetation take part in this style that seeks to recreate a comfortable and very green aspect.

Wood, leading material

Although cork and esparto come into the scene, wood remains with the main role, but this time with brilliant metal touches such as silver and gold.

Pine, oak or mahogany are some of the wood species present in ceilings, columns, floors (interior and exterior), finishes and furniture.

Unlike previous years, this one favors the darker tones, in order to give decorations a luxurious-elegant touch.

The wicker, jute and rattan will add texture, making the spaces look really cozy.

In terms of light, it´s better to have it in an indirect position, with points reinforcing specific areas and elements that enhance space.

For this year, open areas with communicated environments are going to be less frequent. The rule will be, rather, to look for divisions that increase privacy and intimacy.

Trendy colors

As we all expect in a natural year, green color and its different tones are in vogue. The dark and deeper ranges will appear in houses furniture or in the chairs and armchairs upholstery.

Other colors, such as lilac, violet and purple, along with soft and delicate pastel shades (pink and green) are also in the spotlight.

Cobalt blue will dress up finery in walls, textiles and furniture upholstery.

The combination of all these colors is special to decorate dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms or hallways. Adding natural materials in the furniture will reinforce 2019 concept for property purchase: natural and cozy environments.

In Sotheby’s International Realty Costa Rica, we have a property for sale that has a lot of this naturalistic tendency, but with a magical colonial touch.

Attractive and spacious gardens, fine wooden furniture, open terrace with spectacular views are some of the characteristics of “Aves del Paraíso”, a beautiful large residence with its own apartment, located in San Rafael de Heredia.

The house is in a nice, safe and high level residential. It has many details and fine finishes, as well as an excellent construction – thanks to an outstanding maintenance work -.

In the first level, we can find the lobby, office, bar, TV room, terrace with BBQ area, kitchen with island, large pantry, wide back garden with path and kiosk and a large master bedroom with jacuzzi.

And, in the second level, there is a large room with a beautiful balcony, an open terrace with awesome views and two rooms, each one with its own full bathroom.

Less is more

Let’s check another of 2019 highly recommended latest design and interior decorating trends. Based on their philosophy that “less is more”, the minimalists defend a high-level simplification and try to forget about all those non-crucial elements.

This trend incorporates different decoration textures such as textiles, ceramics, wood and clay. The idea is to break with the monotony myth and add elegance and warmth.

If you want to buy a property under this style, you might find materials and accessories such as wood, marble, linen blinds and silk carpets.

Objects are strategically located in open spaces to give them room to breathe, exhibiting warmth and beauty.

Order and cleanliness are other features of minimalist decoration that not only promotes good taste but also health.

Ethnic or boho chic is a more eclectic trend that merged the best of the sense of naturalness with the simplicity of minimalism.

It combines natural elements, ethnic details and bohemian accents.

It also includes wood, wicker, earth tones and the ability to mix traditional architectures -such as the Greek one- with today´s minimalism.

An adventure house

Speaking of simple, bohemian and relaxed life, “Beach High Living” fits this modern style. It´s located in the Southern extreme of the Western peninsula of Costa Rica, specifically in Playa Hermosa, in Santa Teresa, Puntarenas.

In one of the surfers preferred destinations, you can buy a wonderful property with awesome and several terrace views to the forest and the Pacific Ocean surroundings.

Created by the world´s famous architect, Benjamín García Saxe, this house is five minutes away from the beach and has a private access route.

High ceilings and lots of light that causes an air natural cooling, revolving doors, a 15-meter pool and privileged lands with fruit trees and vegetables are some of its main attractions.

If you want to know more about this innovative concept of an open house or want to buy a property in Costa Rica that exalts nature benefits, do not hesitate to contact us.

It will be a pleasure to take you into a journey to look for that lovely fashioned property that fits perfectly to the latest design and interior decorating trends present in Costa Rica and beyond.

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