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Why Live in Jacó?

Unique natural attractions and the best lifestyle in the central pacific come together in the Jacó
area, where a new adventure hides in every corner.
But why live here? In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about Jacó from a
local’s point of view.

A wonderful weather

The weather in Jaco is warm and tropical. The dry season brings in breezy, sunny days– the
perfect climate to enjoy time on the beaches of the Central Pacific. The rainy season brings in a
few hours of rain a day, yielding lush greenery throughout the region for months to come.

For your family

Jaco Walk

This outdoor shopping center is the newest option to enjoy time with your family. This
innovative project integrates restaurants, bars, shopping, and a wide variety of service
proposals in a walkable community. There is even an open-air space that is commonly used for
concerts or other events.

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Rainforest Adventures Jaco

This adventure park is calling all adrenaline lovers! You can zipline, go on hikes, descend walls,
skydive, walk on high ropes, and even check out the butterfly garden.

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Tortuga Island Adventure Tours

“Set off on a catamaran cruise for a day trip to a small piece of paradise. White sands, crystal
waters, tropical fish, and unspoiled natural beauty are just a few things you enjoy on your tour
of the famous Tortuga Island leaving from Jaco Beach” -Adventure Tours

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Natural Attractions

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Cataratas Bijagual

This breathtaking waterfall is the tallest one in the country. With an easy-to-intermediate one
hour hike, you can reach the waterfall, which creates natural pools at the bottom. On your way
there, you will encounter friendly animals and beautiful green surroundings.

Playa Hermosa

Known for its surfing, this beautiful dark-sanded beach is a fun place to spend your days at. Surf
and boogie board tournaments are happening constantly at Hermosa, and the restaurants and
bars surrounding the beach are lively and have delicious drinks and foods.


What to do?

Ohana Sushi Bar

Ohana is a high-quality sushi restaurant located close to Jaco Beach. Their sushi rolls are
creative, and their ingredients are sourced locally, making for a truly exciting menu.

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Tortuga Surf Camp

“At Tortuga Surf Camp we have mastered the art of creating perfect training programs that fit
the needs of every surfer level, our programs are a perfect combination of the adventure lovers
and mellow surfers alike, with a variety of lodging options here in Playa Jacó, Costa Rica…” –
Tortuga Surf Camp

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El Hicaco

This seafood restaurant has the best location in town. Their beautifully decorated outdoor and
open restaurant collides with the sound of the waves and the colorful reflection of the sunset.
It’s the ideal place to enjoy a good meal and have a few drinks with friends.

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So… Why live here?

Jaco is the ideal place to live out your “pura vida” lifestyle. The slow pace, sunny weather and
fun ambiance has attracted many to invest in a home there– it is no coincidence that every day
you see more expats relocating and calling Jaco their home.
This little town in the Central Pacific offers a uniquely balanced lifestyle, and with a recent
corporate and industrial boom, you can enjoy the comforts of an urban lifestyle with the
relaxed vibe of living in the beach.
Jaco is a fun beach community with restaurants, bars, yoga studios, horseback riding, and
above all, an incredible swell that has mesmerized surfers all around the world.

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Costa Rica’s pristine beaches, beautiful nature and thriving local economy have driven many people to call Costa Rica their second home. The country has thrived in recent years and owning a home in Costa Rica is an affordable luxury. More than 20,000 U.S. expatriates already live in Costa Rica. The wide range of scenic landscapes and microclimates make Costa Rica a dream for people looking for a vacation home. Covering 51,000 scenic square kilometers, Costa Rica is a safe place to call home. There is a low incidence of violent crime. Outside the capital city thereisn’t much crime of any kind. It is a country with amazing people, a high standard of living, and an exciting blend of local and foreign cultures.