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Why Live in Nosara?


Average temperatures in Nosara, and the Guanacaste province in general, vary very little. The tropical humidity of the rainy season keeps the region warmer for half of the year, while the dry season brings along a fresher breeze.

For your Family:

Gilded Iguana Surf Hotel:

Located walking distance to one of the most sought-out surf beaches in the country, this high-end hotel offers high-quality service, delicious food, adventurous mountain biking and beautiful facilities.

La Mona Bike Park:

This urban dirt bike pump track welcomes all ages and levels. It is the ideal place to spend with family and friends. Their facilities offer dirt hills surrounded by nature, gear rental and a restaurant from which you can watch the action unfold.

Natural Attractions:

Playa Guiones:

Guiones Beach is a surfer’s paradise– the long breakers, consistent swell, the lukewarm water, the six-kilometer stretch, and the relaxed vibe make for the perfect surf spot. All these conditions, paired with the vibrant ambiance of Nosara and Guiones, have rendered this area one of the most sought-after locations in the world.

Mala Noche Waterfall:

A small route through the lush jungle of Nosara will take you down to the hidden gem of Mala Noche (Bad Night), a gorgeous waterfall surrounded by trees and infested with natural pools.

Turtle Birth Ostional:

From August to December, many careful witnesses gather at dawn to be guided by professionals to Ostional Beach to witness the miracle of birth. Hundreds of turtle eggs hatch in front of their eyes, and the sunrise aids the tiny newborns towards the ocean. There are few words to describe this phenomenon, but if you happen to go to Nosara, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it.

What to Do:


Yaxa is a boutique hotel located in Guiones Beach that perfectly embodies the Nosara lifestyle: their eco-design and Mediterranean interiors create a very calm and relaxing ambiance. Their in-house restaurant and bar offer great food and exquisite mixology.

Café Social:

The tropical heat of Nosara will leave you craving for an iced coffee or a fresh smoothie, and there is no cuter spot than Café Social. Their friendly staff and quaint, tastefully decorated open courtyard create a truly relaxed experience.


At the very end of a mountainous dirt road, a beautiful barn-inspired restaurant overlooking the ocean will appear. With outdoor lawn seating, Coyol Restaurant is the ultimate sunset spot, as you can see the sun setting over the ocean while you enjoy a unique cuisine and fresh cocktails.

Why Live Here:

Characterized by its worriless idiosyncrasy, untouched shorelines, charming yoga studios and world-class surfing, Nosara has recently become one of Costa Rica’s hotspots. Local gastronomic proposals are exquisite, nightlife is vibrant, and the weather is unmatched. As movement to Nosara has increased in recent years, unique land parcels have started to become available, allowing the opportunity of finding a permanent home, or even starting your own wellness retreat center– the possibilities are truly endless.

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