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Why Live in Rohrmoser?

Rohrmoser is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the San José Metropolitan Area. With
stunning public spaces full of greenery to amazing restaurants and nightlife, this area features a
new experience every day just around the corner.
But why live here? In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about Rohrmoser
from a local’s point of view.

A wonderful weather

The weather in Rohrmoser is typically one of the freshest climates in the Central Valley. During
the dry season, it’s common to see sunny skies and cool breeze. The rainy season brings in
tropical rain, leaving the green areas lush.

For your family

British School of Costa Rica

This private educational center offers academic enrollment from kindergarten all the way to
high school. In addition, they offer one the most outstanding International Baccalaureate
programs in the country. “The BSCR is dedicated to developing globally aware, multilingual,
lifelong learners with the key skills to fulfill their potential.”

Natural Attractions

Parque del Café

This picturesque park is a monument to Costa Rica’s first coffee export. Whenever you stumble
upon this green, open area you’ll always find couples taking a walk, friends having a picnic and
dogs making friends. This park is truly a symbol of the calm, peaceful vibe that flourishes in this

What to do?

Café St. Honoré

French authentic food and pastries right on the tree lined Rohrmoser boulevard. With cute,
Parisian-like tables and outdoor seating, this is the perfect place to enjoy brunch and coffee
with your friends.
Image via @cafe_st.honore

Nunc City Garden

This chic restaurant and bar has a great atmosphere, beautiful architecture, and elevated
cuisine. The cocktail bar is elegantly decorated and serves aromatic and herbal drinks.
Image via

Il Padrino

If you are in the search for homey, Italian food, look no further. Il Padrino serves traditional
Italian dishes accompanied by an exquisite bottle of wine. We recommend you try the Pasta 3
Image via @manfredlopezfoto

So… Why live here?

Home to tree-lined boulevards, world class gastronomic proposals, and dog-friendly parks,
Rohrmoser has quickly become one of the most sought-after areas for residency for young
adults, families, and retirees alike.
For many, Rohmoser’s most attractive feature is its easy access– this walkable community is
conveniently located between Downtown San José, La Sabana, Pavas and Escazú. The station
with the newly refurbished trains will take you directly to Barrio Escalante in minutes, a hip,
chic neighborhood known for its great restaurants and bars.
In addition, the resident families greatly appreciate Rohrmoser’s closeness to excellent
educational centers like the British School of Costa Rica and Humboldt School.

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