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Why Live in Santa Ana?

Santa Ana is home to some of the best gastronomy in the west side of San José. Luxury restaurants and experiences live together with wonderful natural areas for all the family to enjoy.

But why live here? In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about Santa Ana from a local’s point of view.

A wonderful weather

Santa Ana’s nearly perfect climate makes it a popular destination for tourists. Average temperatures vary between 70 and 80 degrees throughout the day. Even in the rainy seasons, Santa Ana’s mild climate will usually yield blue skies and sunny days.

For your family

Terrazas Lindora

This unique mall offers an infinitude of activities: from restaurants to art galleries, to movie theatres to shops, this place is perfect to enjoy a day out with your family.
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Proverde Garden Center & Café

We can’t think of a better combination than plants and food! Proverde is an outdoor plant nursery that has an indoor restaurant so shoppers can pause, enjoy some wholesome food, and be amused by their breathtaking indoor greenery.
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Natural Attractions

Santa Ana Conservation Center

This conservation center allows visitors to delve deeply into the agricultural history of Costa Rica while enjoying the unique green areas and flora and fauna. The trails will take you to the cactus and butterfly gardens, as well as closely watching the rescued animals that live in the park.
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Parque Eólicas de Santa Ana

An easily accessible escapade from the city’s hubbub. Just 10 minutes away from Santa Ana Centro, you will find one of the country’s biggest wind farms. Enjoy the magnificent views and cool climate as the Central Valley is overtaken by the orange hues of the sun setting.

What to do?


Picnic’s outdoor seating terrace is the perfect place to go and enjoy an iced-latte and a scone while taking in the sun and warm breeze. Their “honest” menu has a variety of delicious and healthy salads, bowls, wraps and more.
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Without a doubt, the countries best steakhouse. At Doris, they pride themselves with their high-quality, dry aged, perfectly marbled cuts, and their exquisite wine to accompany them.
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Latitud 9°

This chic, elegant bar located in City Place is a great destination for those looking to enjoy some drinks with friends. Their experienced staff of mixologists create delicious cocktails with natural, locally sourced ingredients.
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So… Why live here?

Nicknamed the “Valley of the Sun”, this quaint suburb of San José is nestled in the foothills of Escazú.

This town is the middle ground between traditional Costa Rica and modern, high-quality amenities. Santa Ana boasts a uniquely entertaining lifestyle, with many gastronomic proposals, commerce, yoga studios, public and private medical centers, and even one of the country’s premier golf courses.

Positioned conveniently just 10 minutes from San José, and just 50 minutes from the beaches of the Central Pacific,
its location is ideal.

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