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Elegant House Loreto

4 Habitaciones
3 Baños
1 Medio Baños
446 Metros 2 - Exterior


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Are you looking for a family home?

Preferably one that´s so close to the best schools in the country, that you could actually walk every morning and watch your kids go in at time and wonder why you use to put up with traffic jams for so long? That´s, conveniently, so close to most offices in Downtown San José, Escazú, Santa Ana and Belén that you could be there in just a short 20 min ride.

Imagine coming back home at the end of the day, to find your kids safely playing in the big backyard that the property includes, even eating some of the seasonal fruits from its trees.

And when it´s time to rest, the family can all go back to their own rooms with enough restrooms so that there´s no fighting about who gets to go first. If you need to work a bit more, don´t worry, there´s also a room for your home office as a well as a service room for the help as well as a convenient storage in the backyard for putting away your luggage, Christmas decorations and tools.

Finally, it´s the weekend, the kids are playing inside the house and you´re expecting company but don´t have to worry about their mess, let them be kids as there are two separate living rooms so you can all conduct your activities without interruption. Or maybe you´re free after all, and decide to spend the afternoon with them in the park that´s just a couple of meters away.

Are you looking for a strategically located office?

One that´s within walking distance of the US Embassy and just within a short 20 min ride to most of the offices in Downtown San José, Escazú, Santa Ana and Belén.

Offering quick access to other businesses, government institutions so your business runs as fast as you. Additionally, it provides an easy access via bus or train for your staff to come in everyday and when lunch time comes they can heat up their lunch in the kitchen or head out for a quick bite at one of the many convenience stores , fast food restaurants and shopping centers that are within walking distance.

There are plenty of rooms and restrooms within the property for you to be able to fit your team comfortably, plus they´ll get a large rest area in the backyard which provides a much needed quiet place where to recharge batteries to successfully complete a workday.


Costa Rica Sotheby's International Realty
  • Loreto
  • Pavas
  • San José, Costa Rica

ID de Propiedad: L3WBY7



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