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REAL in Real Estate

Real Estate – Have you ever wonder what does the word “REAL” mean in REAL ESTATE? In
Oxford Dictionary, REAL means genuine, an occurring fact, not imagination. Realis is a Latin
term that means existing and true. According to, real is used in a legal context
in Middle English to reference immovable property, such a house or building; as opposed to
personal property, such as car or furniture. In Spanish BIENES RAICES can be translated into
Rooted Property- meaning property that can’t be moved.

The REAL in Real Estate gives the famous quote “location, location” a profound meaning.
Location of property is very important to take into consideration when investing in real estate,
because it will never go anywhere else… no matter all the money you can put in an estate, its
location will always be the same and it will always set a ground point as to price.

I see it all the time, a beautiful grand luxurious home sitting beside neighbors’ homes that are
hundreds of thousands distanced below in price. The location can be great in how fast you get
to a major highway, beautiful city view or minutes away from commercial amenities, but
neighbors’ homes and their price mark does influence how valuable a location can be.

It is important to consider when it will be a better investment to purchase a home that might
need some work to bring it up to date in an awesome and valuable location than a beautiful
state of the art home in a location that will put a cap on its price. Before purchasing a property,
it is important to dig into news that could postively or negativly impact the future value of the
property. Guayabos, Curridabat is an older neighborhood in the East side of San José, but in
recent years have been on a developing increase that keeps attracting new neighbors and
increasing value of propertys.

As an agent, I like to share with clients this type of news to offer more information that will help
in the decision making in real estate:

In Costa Rica, I’m a realtor of a home in Guayabos, Curridabat that is a perfect example of the
value of REAL in real estate. It’s an older home built with strong older codes- “bones”- that will
last forever but needs a contemporary lift in decor to bring it up to date.

The location is unbeatable, and no matter how much or what this home needs to have a more
contemporary feel to it, it’s not going anywhere but where it sits today.

It is in a safe and developed residential area in the East of San José, literally surrounded with +4
beautiful parks that offer free exercise equipment, dog park, trails, as well as walking distance
from major supermarkets, restaurants, hospital and schools form PreK to College.
Location is not changeable; the possibility of an update of the home is.

More on this property, in the next video link:

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